• Every Superhero Needs Armor

    100% of every dollar raised goes towards PPE Supply Kits
    for healthcare workers on the frontlines in New York & New Jersey.


Let’s protect our healthcare workers.

We equip doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers with quality PPE Supply Kits,
giving them peace of mind in case of future COVID-19 spikes and waves.

Provide Safety

We equip healthcare workers who treat infected patients and who, according to research, are 23% more likely to contract COVID-19.

Reduce Anxiety

We give peace of mind to healthcare workers who feel stressed and fearful about bringing COVID-19 back home to their loved ones.

Lower Exposure

We supply protective gear beyond just face masks, lowering risk for transmission of
COVID-19 via clothes, hair, eyes, and hands.

What’s in our PPE Supply Kit?

100% of donations go to sourcing, building and delivering kits packed with
protective gear, for doctors, nurses and other at-risk healthcare workers.
Each kit is packed with multiples of reusable gear, ensuring longevity of use.

Reusable Respirators

Washable face masks with P100 filters which block 99.9% of airborne particles, making their security superior to N95s.

Reusable Isolation Gowns

Protects wearer from transfer of microorganisms and are made of a fluid-repellant fabric that lasts 30 washes.

Reusable Surgical Caps

Vitally protects the hair and scalp from contaminated respiratory droplets and can be washed for repeated use.

Mask Ear Savers

A simple accessory that secures the mask from behind to improve fit, increasing comfort for prolonged and extended wear.

Face Shields

Keeps respiratory droplets from contaminating the face and crucially prolongs the life of goggles, glasses, and masks.

Protective Goggles

Provides full coverage protection with indirect vents, helping to prevent contaminated droplets from entering the wearer’s eyes.

Protective Glasses

While not as effective as goggles, they still provide a key layer of protection for the eyes, with a greater field of vision.

Hand Sanitizers

Travel-sized bottles containing 70% ethyl alcohol w/ aloe. Convenient to use, effectively kills germs, and is moisturizing.


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Who We’ve Helped

  • Paul Lo - Respiratory Therapist

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Protect your local healthcare worker today with a PPE Supply Kit.